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The Types of Outdoor Plumbing We Tend to Neglect?

August 19, 2022

Some homeowners forget about their outdoor plumbing. You will quickly notice a leak when it’s in your toilet or kitchen sink since these problems usually affect our daily life and home. An indoor leak can noticeably damage our homes. However, our outdoor plumbing experiences the same issues. 

While you may not see it, outdoor plumbing issues can have equally devastating effects on our property. You will see the result of an outdoor plumbing issue in your foundation, garden, and utility bills. It can be handy to spot these problems before they get to the point of no return. Here are 3 common issues to look for in your yard:

1. Leaking Faucets

You may lay in bed at night and hear a constant dripping noise outside your window. This is a sign that one of your outdoor faucets is leaking. Some homeowners mistake this for night air that condensates and drips. While this can happen, it is worth checking your faucets for leaks. Your outdoor faucets are exposed to harsh weather conditions, from extreme heat to freezing temperatures. These conditions can impact your faucets severely with rush and punctures. 

A leaking outdoor faucet can lead to flooding in your garden and even your basement. However, if you stop the leak early, you prevent extensive damage to your property. When you find a leaking outdoor faucet, shut the main water supply off until a plumber can come to your home to repair or replace it.

2. Leaking Well Pipe

If you depend on well water, a leak in your well pipe can have frustrating consequences. This can lead to costly repairs and replacements if left unchecked. There are different kinds of well pipes, and all of them are subject to leaks. If you notice water in the general area of your well and house, or near the well cap, you may have leak in your well pipe. You’ll also notice an increase in your utility bill. The smaller the leak, the more difficult it can be to identify. However, these small leaks will cause severe damage over time, so it is wise to have regular inspections to check for them. 

3. Faulty Sewer Lateral 

A sewer lateral runs from your property to the municipal sewer line. It is, however, the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and repair the sewer lateral. At times, these laterals may become blocked or damaged by tree roots. 

If you notice an unpleasant smell near your drains that are on the lower level of your property, it may be the result of a problematic lateral. You may also notice that water takes longer to go down your drains. Sewer problems can be gross to deal with, so we advise homeowners to act long before the problem gets out of hand.

Get Reliable Outdoor Plumbing Advice

To be sure that your outdoor plumbing is in good shape, it is vital to have regular plumbing inspections. Some issues may only be detectable by a professional plumber. 

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