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Indispensable in many homes today, a garbage disposal helps with getting rid of leftover food at the end of a meal or after cooking. It’s something many homeowners rely on daily without really thinking about whether it’s working right or what to do if something goes wrong. When it breaks down, it can be problematic, as it can’t be safely used until it is repaired. Homeowners who notice the garbage disposal not working will want to call for help quickly, so they won’t have to wait long to start using it again.

Garbage Disposal Repair in Greenville

Any sign of the garbage disposal not working should mean the homeowner stops using it immediately. Using one that isn’t working properly can be dangerous, so it is important to get fast help. In most cases, garbage disposal repair can be done to get it working again right away. It is recommended to have a professional handle the garbage disposal repair, as severe injuries can occur when working on it if something goes wrong.

Why Did My Garbage Disposal Just Stop Working?

There are numerous reasons why it might suddenly stop working. Something that is stuck in it could cause it to stop working or break down. Clogs are another cause, as well as broken motors or electrical issues. Having a plumber do an inspection is the best way to find out what caused it to stop working and what is needed to get it working again.

The repair can include rewiring the garbage disposal, removing any blockages or clogs, replacing the blades, or replacing the motor. It is imperative to make sure the power is cut off from the garbage disposal before doing any inspection or repair, as it can cause severe injuries if it turns on. That’s why it’s important to always let a professional handle any repairs that may be needed.

Garbage Disposal Replacement in Greenville

Sometimes, it may not be able to be fixed. Garbage disposal generally lasts around 15 years, though this can depend on the amount of use and whether it’s cared for properly. After this point, it’s going to start breaking down more frequently or may stop working completely. It’s a good idea to call for a garbage disposal replacement if it is getting older, as this will help stop it from breaking down frequently or having other issues.

How Do I Know if my Garbage Disposal Needs to be Replaced?

Is it time for a new garbage disposal installation? There are some signs that a garbage disposal replacement may be needed, including the following.

  • Unusual Noises – Odd noises like grinding are a sign that there is something wrong with the garbage disposal. This can be dangerous and can cause further damage to it, so it’s important to have it inspected as soon as possible.
  • Odd Smell – It should be cleaned regularly, which should help any odd smells dissipate. However, if cleaning doesn’t get rid of the smell or it reoccurs quickly after the garbage disposal is cleaned, it could be a sign of something more serious going on.
  • Won’t Turn On – If it won’t turn on at all, there’s likely something wrong with the electrical or with the motor. An inspection will help homeowners determine if a garbage disposal replacement is necessary or if repairs can be done to get it working again.
  • Water Leaking – Water leaking from the garbage disposal can indicate that a gasket is damaged or could be far more serious and indicate cracks in the body of the garbage disposal. Both will require professional assistance to prevent damage under the sink.
  • Frequent Resetting Required – Garbage disposals may need to be reset occasionally if something goes wrong. However, this should not happen a lot. If it does happen frequently, it may be a sign that the garbage disposal is wearing out and will need to be replaced.

Homeowners who notice any of these signs will want to call and ask about a garbage disposal installation as soon as possible. Even if it works sometimes, it’s going to fail completely before long. Avoid having to wait for a replacement by having it done now.

You likely rely on your garbage disposal, so if it stops working properly, now’s the time to call for professional help. Ethical Plumbing provides fast repairs or replacements, so you can get the help you need as soon as possible. If you do need any help with your garbage disposal, contact us at (864) 438-0525 right away.

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