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Much of our lives are centered around the kitchen, so our plumbing needs to work correctly. Numerous plumbing-related fixtures can malfunction, whether the garbage disposal makes strange noises or a faucet constantly drips. Ethical Plumbing in Greenville County, SC, can get it fixed regardless of your problem. 

We offer fast and reliable kitchen plumbing services, addressing anything from a broken garbage disposal to problematic water supply pipes. Any issue with these fixtures can interfere with your day, so give us a call, and we’ll deploy an expert plumber to diagnose the problem.     

Here are a few kitchen plumbing services we offer to Greenville County, SC and surrounding residents.

What Is Kitchen Plumbing?

Kitchen plumbing consists of water and gas supply lines. These are essential parts of a functioning kitchen plumbing system. The plumbing pipes will not be able to do their job if these parts aren’t installed correctly. A typical kitchen has the following plumbing components:

  • Water pipes connected to appliances 
  • Water supply
  • Drain system 
  • Braided supply lines
  • A shutoff valve for controlling the water flow 
  • Gas valves located on the walls or below the floors 

When you have a problem with any of these components, call Ethical Plumbing for kitchen plumbing repairs.. 

Comprehensive Plumbing Services 

Our technicians are trained to handle all of your kitchen plumbing needs. Call to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals for the following kitchen plumbing services:

Faucet Repairs and Replacement  

Faucets consist of a ceramic disk, ball, cartridge, and compression. At Ethical Plumbing, we can help with anything, from replacing a small component to installing a brand-new fixture. 

Why continue to suffer if your faucets are broken, damaged, or constantly leaking? A plumber from Ethical Plumbing is ready to repair your faucet, regardless of the type. 

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Garbage disposals are among the most useful kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, many homeowners misuse them, resulting in excess wear and tear. Garbage disposals are designed to handle small amounts of food particles, not whole pieces. 

When your garbage disposal is clogged, making funny noises, or has a foul odor, call the experts at Ethical Plumbing. Our technicians will repair or replace your disposal so your drain begins running like normal again.   

Under Sink Plumbing 

Sometimes the pipes under your sink get backed up and result in clogged drains. This is a common problem in Greenville County, SC, homes, and you’ll probably experience it at least once. 

However, the professional team at Ethical Plumbing will take care of those clogged drains and under sink plumbing to get your water flowing again.  

Leak Detection 

Do you suspect a leak somewhere in your home? We can help find it with our leak detection services. This service is crucial to prevent mold, water damage, structural damage, or unpleasant odors throughout your home. 

A technician from Ethical Plumbing can assess the damage, locate the leak, and provide a resolution before it causes irreversible damage to your home.

Dishwasher Installation 

Getting a new dishwasher makes life infinitely easier. It’s best to leave the installation to a trained professional. If the connections aren’t made correctly, dishwasher lines can leak, damaging your walls and floors. With Ethical Plumbing nearby, you won’t have to search for someone qualified to install your appliance.  

Ice Maker Line Installation and Repair 

Another appliance that has simplified life is the ice maker. You know that you’ll have a refreshingly cold drink with the press of a button. If you need a new line installed for an ice maker or to repair your existing one, call Ethical Plumbing. Our talented technicians will ensure your installation is completed promptly and correctly. 

Additional Services from Ethical Plumbing 

If you need help with pipes, sinks, or drains, we’ve got it covered! You can count on us for assistance with these projects, too:  

  • Installing countertop plumbing hookups 
  • Replacing or repairing burst pipes 
  • Complete kitchen replacement plumbing

Contact us for a free estimate! 

Call Ethical Plumbing in Greenville County, SC and surrounding areas, when you need a team that can unclog sinks and drains. 

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