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Plumber in Duncan, South Carolina

Your home relies on plumbing to supply running water in your bathrooms, kitchens, basements, yards, and anywhere else you may need it. The plumbing system in your home is probably more of a part of your daily life than you even realize.

Ethical Plumbing provides services for your pipes, drains, water heaters, and much more in Duncan, SC. We understand what needs to go right and what can go wrong with your plumbing.

Signs You Need A Plumber

People’s needs for plumbing services vary greatly in severity. The best way to handle a need for service is to properly address it as quickly as possible. Some signs that you need plumbing service are more time-sensitive than others.

Signs you may have serious plumbing issues include:

  • Active leaks
  • Repetitively clogged drains
  • Sudden losses in water pressure
  • The smell of sewage in your home
  • Water damage

Plumbing issues move through your system very easily. The rest of your plumbing system can feel the stress from just one “small” malfunction.

Ethical Plumbing wants to help homeowners address these issues sooner rather than later. If you have existing problems within your plumbing system, contact Ethical Plumbing today!

Our Plumbing Services in Duncan

We want to improve the plumbing in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, SC, one home at a time. To do that, we offer services that meet the needs and desires of our customers, including:

Water Heater Services in Duncan

With over four decades of experience, it is safe to say our plumbers know water heaters. While having running water is important for homes, having temperature control opens up many more doors. We offer a range of water heater services, including:

  • Gas water heater repair, service and installation
  • Electric water heater repair, service and installation
  • Tankless water heater installation
  • All water heater replacement, installation, inspection, and repair

Ethical Plumbers can service any type of water heater. We can also provide insight into the water heater options that best fit your individual needs.

Repiping Services in Duncan

Pipes are the main component of plumbing systems. Without reliable pipes, your home cannot have a reliable plumbing system. Ethical Plumbing can handle all types of pipe services, but we specialize in repiping. Removing old pipes and installing new ones is a professional job and requires many critical steps.

Contact Ethical Plumbing if you are considering repiping any area of your home.

Bathroom Plumbing in Duncan

Your bathroom is likely where the majority of the water enters and leaves your home. This exchange is a great convenience of modern living, but your bathroom does come with more plumbing components that may need service. Ethical Plumbing provides bathroom plumbing including:

  • Toilet installation, service, and repair
  • Tub and shower installation
  • Tub and shower valve installation, service, and repair
  • Faucet repair and replacement
  • Vanity installation
  • Leak detection
  • Burst pipe replacement and repair

Your health and safety are always taken into serious account when handling any bathroom plumbing service. Our qualified plumbers will walk you through all bathroom services before getting started.

Kitchen Plumbing in Duncan

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. Your kitchen is likely the location of many of your most complicated plumbing appliances. Kitchen plumbing will need to be serviced regularly to stay effective for you for years to come. Ethical Plumbing provides a large range of kitchen plumbing services, including:

  • Faucet repair and replacement
  • Garbage disposal repair and replacement
  • Ice maker line installation and repair
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Countertop plumbing hookups
  • Under-sink plumbing
  • Leak detection
  • Burst pipe replacement and repair

While your plumbing system does a lot of work in your kitchen, the majority of it is hidden. We can solve problems before you experience them with regular inspection and professional detection techniques.

Laundry Plumbing in Duncan

Laundry rooms have very specific plumbing functions. Our team of plumbers can install and repair your laundry room plumbing. We offer services for washing machines hook ups and laundry sinks.

Main Water Line Repair in Duncan

We know how to work on your main water line by boring instead of trenching the pipes. This approach keeps your land undamaged and water running to your property. Ethical Plumbing provides a wide range of water line services, including:

  • Water service line replacement
  • Water service line repairs
  • Driveway boring
  • Main water line repair
  • Replacing the main water line from your house to the street
  • Replacing just a partial segment

Your water lines are critical to your plumbing system, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your yard to repair them. Ethical Plumbing will consult with you about the best options for your home.

Our Plumbers in Duncan

Our company is licensed and insured and our experienced plumbers care about customer satisfaction. We provide open communication throughout the process for all services we perform. Servicing residents within the zip code 29334. Contact Ethical Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs in Duncan! Call (864) 438-0525.