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Plumber in Greenville, South Carolina


If you’re having plumbing problems, don’t put off calling a plumber just because you don’t know who to trust. Instead, call Ethical Plumbing Service. We provide expert service for any plumbing issue. 

Thousands of homeowners in the Greenville area can attest to our reliable and prompt service. Our team of licensed, insured technicians will make sure any plumbing problem is resolved right away.

With over four decades of experience in plumbing, we offer comprehensive whole-house plumbing services that include the following:

Water Heater Replacement

Water heaters are durable products that rarely malfunction, but when they do, it disrupts your family’s entire routine. No one wants to take a cold shower, so you need the problem resolved pronto. 

If you notice puddles of water around the water heater, or it isn’t providing hot water, contact Ethical Plumbing right away. Those puddles can cause extensive damage to the floor and carpeting. Avoiding those costly repairs is as easy as calling us at the first sign of trouble. 

Ethical Plumbing technicians are well-trained in water heater repair as well as rebuilding gas or electric water heaters. We also handle water heater installation if needed, including tankless water heaters. 

Bathroom Plumbing

You’re having a great day, but it is suddenly ruined by a clogged drain or a stuck toilet in the bathroom. As a homeowner, you’ve dreaded this day, but so far, you’ve been lucky, until now.  

To get the clogged drain or toilet functioning properly again, contact Ethical Plumbing right away. We provide bathroom plumbing services for Greenville, SC, homes that include:

  • Faucet repair or replacement
  • Leak detection
  • Burst pipe replacement
  • Toilet repair, service, and installation
  • Tub and shower repair and installation
  • Drain cleaning

No matter what type of plumbing issues are happening in your bathroom, we have the solution.

Kitchen Plumbing

When you have sink or garbage disposal problems, it interferes with meal preparation and clean-up. We realize the kitchen in your Greenville home is the busiest spot in the house, so we strive to provide same-day service to get your kitchen back to normal as quickly as possible. 

Some of the main kitchen plumbing services we provide are:

  • Faucet repair and replacement
  • Garbage disposal repair and replacement
  • Under-sink pipe repair or replacement
  • Drain cleaning and leak detection

Not having plumbing problems, but want a dishwasher installed? No problem. We can handle that job as well. Also, if you want ice maker lines installed or repaired, we’ll be happy to take care of that job, too. No job is too big or small for our skilled team.

Repiping Services

If you live in an older Greenville home, you may need to replace the aged piping. Older homes often have galvanized steel or copper pipes. As the pipes age, they develop rust or leaks that can cause them to burst. 

Although the climate in this area is usually mild, winter months can cause burst pipes, even in new homes. If you end up with frozen or burst pipes, we will locate the problem area and repair it without major disruption to your daily routine.

Addressing a burst pipe problem right away can prevent severe damage to your home. Even a small leak can cause cracks in the walls, lead to foundation problems, and create mold or mildew growth. The leak can also raise your water bill and interfere with water pressure throughout your home.

Burst pipes can also cause damage to electrical wiring in the walls or ceilings and may even flood your home if the leak is not repaired right away.

Don’t look for a list of plumbers in Greenville County. Make it easy on yourself. Contact the repiping experts at Ethical Plumbing if you need a quote on a whole-house repiping job or a minor pipe repair job. We guarantee quality workmanship at an affordable price for all repiping services. 

Ethical Plumbing Is Your Resource for Any Plumbing Issue

Plumbing problems are more than an annoyance. They may cause extensive damage to your home that results in expensive repairs. If you notice any changes in how your plumbing functions, contact Ethical Plumbing in Greenville, immediately. A small issue can become a major problem in no time, so it’s best not to hesitate. 

If you need plumbing in Greenville County, our team of well-trained technicians is only a phone call away. With our expert service, you will have peace of mind that comes from knowing the job was done right. 

As a family-owned business, we have cultivated a work ethic through the years that is unsurpassed. We care about your home and your comfort. Call Ethical Plumbing anytime for any plumbing issue. That’s why we’re here.


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