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Your home’s toilets are some of its most crucial fixtures. When things go wrong, effective and fast repairs are essential. While DIY solutions are possible in some cases, our plumbers can handle the sometimes unpleasant task with ease and professionalism. At Ethical Plumbing Services, we understand the importance of a functional and reliable toilet. Our team of experienced plumbers is dedicated to providing top-notch toilet repair services in Greenville, SC. 

We’re here to ensure that your toilets function flawlessly! Contact us online or call (864) 727-0415 to schedule toilet repair today. 

Toilet Repair: It’s Harder Than Most People Think

Although toilets seem like simple fixtures, even the smallest issues require specialized tools and experience. Our licensed and certified plumbers have everything needed to detect and resolve problems safely and quickly. Whether you’re dealing with a tough clog, low water pressure, or another issue, our team can help. Call or click to schedule an appointment. 

What Are the Most Common Toilet Troubles?

Toilets are built for years of constant use, but they, like all other plumbing fixtures, occasionally have problems. Here are a few common problems Greenville’s homeowners have with their toilets.

  • Leaky bowls and tanks: Modern toilets consist of two parts: the tank and the bowl. Damage to either component may cause leaks and lead to severe water damage.
  • A constantly running toilet: A running toilet wastes water. When we visit your home to perform a toilet repair, we’ll shut off the main water supply first. Then, we’ll check the fill valve and flush valve, which regulate the flow of water into the tank and the bowl. If your toilet won’t stop running, give us a call.
  • The toilet not flushing: Have you tried to flush the toilet only to get no results? Our plumbers will first inspect the flapper or flush handle, which may come loose from the rest of the flush mechanism. Is your toilet not flushing? We’ll figure it out.
  • Leaky toilet plumbing: There are several places from which a toilet may leak, but the water supply lines are the most visible. If the leak is at the bottom of the toilet, we’ll check the wax seal and flange, replacing them if needed.
  • A malfunctioning fill valve: If the toilet’s fill valve is undamaged, there may be a problem further into the water system. Some commercially available cleaners can break up these blockages, but our plumbers can always get to the bottom of the issue.
  • Stubborn clogs: A stopped-up toilet is one of the most common inconveniences a homeowner may experience. While plungers can break up most clogs, they don’t always work as intended. To prevent wastewater backups and other nasty problems, call the professionals at Ethical Plumbing Services for toilet repair services.

Toilets are a modern convenience that most homeowners take for granted — that is until there’s a problem. When your toilet won’t stop running, we can help. Call today to book a plumbing repair appointment, and you’ll find out how easy a toilet running fix can be.

If We Can’t Repair It, We’ll Replace It

When a toilet is severely damaged, replacement may be more cost-effective than repair. These jobs must be handled carefully to minimize leaks and other problems, and our plumbers are up to the task. We will:

  • Remove the broken toilet: Our plumbers will check your old toilet for any salvageable parts.
  • Secure the seal: The wax ring or toilet seal must be carefully positioned on the flange to prevent tile cracks and water damage.
  • Position the new bowl and secure it: The new toilet’s base must be aligned with the toilet flange to reduce leaks and prevent damage to the wax seal.
  • Attach the tank: Some toilets have separate tanks and bowls. If the toilet tank isn’t properly attached, it can cause significant damage.
  • Install accessories: While a toilet still works if it’s missing the seat and lid, it’s not a very comfortable place to sit! Our plumbers will install these accessories securely and safely.

Once we’ve replaced your damaged toilet, we’ll test it for leaks and damage. Then, we’ll open the supply valve, watch the tank fill, and flush the toilet to ensure no leaks. When you need a fast toilet running fix, we are here to help.

Why Call Us for Local Plumbing Repair Services in Greenville, SC?

We know Greenville’s homeowners have plenty of choices when they need toilet repairs, and we’re glad they continue to rely on us. At Ethical Plumbing Services, we have the tools, equipment, supplies, and experience to give the area’s homeowners the fast, friendly, and reliable service they deserve. Toilet repair and replacement jobs are complex and require a professional’s touch. When your toilets aren’t working as they should, we can get them flowing again. 

Don’t ignore a faulty toilet any longer! Call the Ethical Plumbing Services team at (864) 727-0415 or reach out to us online to request a no-obligation quote or schedule an appointment.

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