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Like all household appliances, water heaters have limited lifespans. Over time, issues like hard water, overuse, and general wear and tear can all take their toll. Because your home’s water heater is likely hidden away in a basement or utility closet, it’s easy to forget that this vital appliance is there. Eventually, though, signs of trouble will rear their ugly heads and you’ll realize that it’s time for a new water heater installation.

The team here at Ethical Plumbing Services knows how frustrating it can be to come home and take a cold shower or go to the laundromat to wash a load of light clothes. We don’t want you to be stuck going without. We make it easy to schedule a new hot water heater installation. Just give us a call and get expert advice from one of our dedicated technicians and then schedule a time to have the old water heater replaced that’s convenient for you.

How to Choose the Right Water Heater

The first step in the water heater installation process is to define your family’s needs. We can help you choose between gas and electric water heaters or decide whether to upgrade to a tankless model, but you’ll need to give us a clear idea of your family’s current use and whether the old heater has been able to adequately meet everyone’s needs. We offer:

  • Gas water heater installation.
  • Electric water heater installation.
  • Tankless water heater installation.
  • Traditional water heater installation.

Electric Water Heaters

There are three primary reasons that people choose electric water heater installation. We recommend this option if:

  1. Your home is not hooked up to the municipal gas grid.
  2. Your budget for purchasing a new water heater is very low.
  3. You prioritize eco-friendliness and don’t want to waste natural resources.

While electric water heaters are affordable to install, they’re not usually as affordable to operate. Electricity prices fluctuate more significantly than those of natural gas. Electric water heaters also take longer to heat up and will not work during power outages. However, there are still plenty of excellent options in this category if you’re worried about one of the factors listed above.

Gas Water Heaters

If you already have a hookup to the natural gas grid, we almost always recommend gas water heater installation over electric. Gas models can heat water quickly and tend to have lower associated operating expenses than electric versions. If you don’t yet have a natural gas line installed, we can place one. However, it will increase the cost of your water heater installation.

Tankless Water Heaters

Depending on the model, tankless water heaters can run on either electricity or natural gas. Unlike traditional water heaters, they provide hot water on demand using high-power burners. However, tankless water heaters aren’t magic. If you choose a model that’s too small to meet your home’s needs, it will still struggle to supply sufficient hot water when people are showering and washing dishes simultaneously, for example.

We’re installing more tankless water heaters every year. When they first came out, tankless water heater installation was too expensive for most people. Now, you can find affordable options that will last longer than traditional water heaters and help you save money on your monthly bills. Tankless water heaters also have much smaller footprints, which makes them the best option for smaller homes.

Traditional Water Heaters

Traditional water heater installation involves installing a full-sized model with a hot water storage tank. This type of hot water heater installation is still more affordable than switching to a tankless model. You should note, though, that traditional water heaters have shorter expected lifespans and often require more maintenance and repairs than tankless models. Don’t worry, though. If you need a traditional water heater, we’ll help you find a high-quality, reliable, and energy-efficient model.

Water Heater Replacements

You don’t have to wait until your water heater stops working to have it replaced. If you’re sick of fighting over who gets to take the hottest shower or you would rather switch to a more energy-efficient, eco-friendly water heater, we’ll be happy to replace your existing model with a newer one that is better able to meet your family’s needs.

Call to Schedule a Water Heater Installation

The experts at Ethical Plumbing Services can work on all kinds of water heaters. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry. From water heater installations to repairs, maintenance, and eventual replacement, we can do it all. Call to discuss your options today.


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