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Most of your indoor plumbing relies on what goes on outside. The outdoor plumbing on a property is at the heart of ensuring that everything inside runs smoothly. If you find yourself searching for plumbers nearby, the search is over. Ethical Plumbing is here is ease your anxiety and fix your plumbing!

Whether you need outdoor plumbing repaired, maintained, or you need to have one installed, we are the best plumbers to call. With over 40 years of experience, Ethical plumbers will fix your outdoor plumbing the right way, so you don’t need to call for repairs all the time. Call us now for excellent plumbing results and friendly service from our team.

Plumbing Repairs Offered by Ethical Plumbing

Contrary to popular belief, outdoor plumbing needs some tender loving care every now and again. Your toilets rely on the sewer to be clear and unclogged all the time. Your garden needs its thirst quenched with a good irrigation or hose setup.

The weather and other outdoor elements of nature take a toll on your outdoor plumbing fixtures. That is why it is good to keep your outdoor systems well-maintained. No matter what the complication is, we can figure it out for you!

Outdoor Sinks or Showers

Outdoor showers and sinks are not immune to the problems that indoor showers and sinks face. Your outdoor showers and sinks are exposed to the environment. Things like acid rain and strong winds can damage them. Over time, acid rain corrodes the piping and may cause leaks. The strong winds often blow dust and debris into the plugholes and block the pipes. Take care of your outdoor fixtures. Call Ethical Plumbing to repair any corroded or blocked pipes. Our friendly staff will also advise you on keeping your outdoor showers and sinks in working order.

Hose Fixtures

Your hosepipe is exposed to harsh sunlight, and it may be subject to cracks and leaks as a result. Ethical Plumbing knows how irritating it can be to have a leaking hose fixture. We don’t want our clients to be inconvenienced, so we are there to repair your outdoor hose fixture. There’s no need to look for plumbers nearby –  we are here to save your hose fixtures!

Hose Bibs

You should have two hose bibs on your property: one in the front yard and one in the back. Washing your car and watering your garden will be a breeze when you have a supply of water within reach. Don’t buy a ridiculously long hosepipe or use buckets of water from your kitchen.

Since hose bibs are exposed to rain and harsh sunlight, they experience ongoing wear and tear. After some time, you will notice that they no longer work as they used to and eventually stop working altogether. Most times, you can simply repair leaks and other weather damage, but if the damage is too severe, we can provide you with options to install a new one.

When the time comes for your hose bib repair or replacement, Ethical Plumbing is the best plumbing company to call. Our skilled plumbers are trained to use the quality materials and they are equipped for all hose bib services.


Underground sprinklers have an ongoing risk of being damaged. Wild animals may chew the smaller soft pipes. Landscapers and garden services may damage the pipes by accidentally mowing over an exposed pipe or cutting an underground one with a shovel.

Sprinklers use a connected system of piping. When one has a problem, it will affect the rest. If your sprinklers aren’t spraying water or have a decreased pressure, call us today so we can find the problem and offer a long-lasting solution.

Blocked Sewers

The sewer lines transfer waste via underground pipes. Blocked sewers can affect all the plumbing fixtures in your home.

If your toilet makes an odd bubbling sound when you flush, or the water rises to the top of the toilet bowl, you may have a blocked sewer. Blocked sewers impact your indoor plumbing even though it is part of outdoor plumbing. At Ethical Plumbing, our brilliant plumbers will come to your aid and unblock any sewer lines.

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We’ve been providing residents of Greenville County and surrounding areas with quality outdoor plumbing services for over four decades. Ethical Plumbing always receives great feedback from satisfied clients.

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