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Pebble Creek Golf Course

Nestled in the serene environment of Taylors, SC, Pebble Creek Golf Course stands as an inviting sanctuary for golf aficionados. With its dual 18-hole courses, this venue is a testament to the allure of the game, a place where the joy of a well-played shot is as common as the sight of the verdant fairways. Its proximity to Downtown Greenville makes it an accessible retreat for a leisurely round or a competitive game.

The Creekside course, with its meticulously maintained Bermuda grass and a challenging yet fair 36 par, offers a splendid blend of natural aesthetics and golfing pleasure. The careful design by Tom Jackson ensures that each hole presents an opportunity to marvel at the thoughtful layout and the inherent beauty of the location in Taylors, SC.

Beyond the allure of the fairways, the Taylors community is home to Ethical Plumbing, a beacon of dependable service and integrity. With over forty years of dedicated service, this family-run business stands out for its commitment to professional plumbing solutions and its approach to fair pricing. It’s a company that has woven itself into the fabric of the area, much like the golf course itself, providing residents with essential services that underscore the town’s welcoming spirit.

Whether you’re aiming for a birdie on the greens of Pebble Creek or seeking the assurance of quality plumbing services, Taylors, SC, seamlessly blends leisure and practicality, ensuring that its residents and visitors are well-catered to in every aspect.

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