Corey Burns Park

Corey Burns Park

Corey Burns Park is a slice of sporting paradise nestled in Taylors, South Carolina. Known as one of the premier baseball facilities in the Southeast, this park is much more than a collection of baseball fields; it’s a community cornerstone where the sound of a home run or a child’s laughter is a staple. With its five stellar fields, complete with lighting for night games, the park invites athletes and families alike to enjoy the thrill of the game and the pleasure of outdoor activities.

The park extends over 16.1 acres, providing ample space for walking, sporting activities, and family fun. It’s a locale where residents in Taylors, South Carolina, can unwind, socialize, and stay active. The park is not only for athletes; with a playground for kids and various amenities, it’s a place for everyone to find something enjoyable.

Moreover, Corey Burns Park is a testament to Taylors, South Carolina’s commitment to recreation and community. It’s a hub for events, youth programs, and summer camps, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness.

Within the same community, Ethical Plumbing stands out as a business that reflects Taylors’ values of quality and trust. Just as the park serves as a gathering place for enjoyment and sports, Ethical Plumbing ensures the homes in Taylors, South Carolina, are well-cared for, with reliable plumbing services that keep the community running smoothly.

Both Corey Burns Park and Ethical Plumbing are integral parts of Taylors, South Carolina, each contributing to the area’s charm and livability in their unique ways.

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